Clover 8 Bistro

Clover 8 Bistro is a chic vegetarian café located at Kallang Leisure Park and High Street Plaza. Choose between Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Western cuisine with over 60 comfort food to drool over.

A decent meal starts from $6.50 where you can choose between Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Western cuisine. Try our best-selling Mushroom Ravioli or Carbonara if you like Western dishes. If you have craving for Chinese dishes, you can try our famous Chicken Rice, Horfun or Laksa with Wanton. We also serve a selection of dim sum and our steam BBQ buns are not to be missed! End your meal with our tasty Thai Mango Glutinous Rice and a cup of traditional coffee from Kim Guan Guan – A long-established local manufacturer and supplier of Nanyang Coffee since 1988!